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Kalispell Center for Spiritual Living

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Meditation at 10:30 am
Celebration at 11:00 am



.... is designed to uplift and inspire you with a quiet meditation, heart-opening music, and a message to shift your thinking, open your heart and inspire, guide and support you on your journey!

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Kalispell Center for Spiritual Living

Teaching the Power Within

We are currently also holding our Sunday Services on Facebook Live 

Join Us Sundays
Celebration at 11:00 am
475 8th Avenue East North, Kalispell, MT 59901


May 2021 Wholly Holy Rising Up


May 2, 2021 This Adventure Called Life 

“God is our adventure.” This journey involves an expanded awareness that in Life there is no risk, no failure, no uncertainty. With an awareness of Oneness, faith, and our active participation, the spiritual adventure unfolds through The Divine Urge that is inherently and eternally calling us into our greater yet-to-be! “In the midst of plenty humanity lives in want, because of fear. To overcome fear is the greatest adventure of the mind of man.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

May 9, 2021 Revolutionary Love

   Revolutionary Love invites us into a way of being, a way of thinking, a way of feeling and a way of acting that is rooted in our love for one another. It is in this rising up of our consciousness that we rise up in revolutionary love for ourselves, for each other, and for the wholeness of Life Itself

  May 16, 2021 This Too Is God?

As spiritual individuals, we strive to heal suffering by remembering our true nature. We allow Spirit to work for us by working through us: we recognize this power, conceive of a greater good, and remove all unbelief    

     May 23, 2021 “Say Their Names”

  Our evolution – what it will mean to the world – will not depend on the books we write. It will depend on what we do with it

 May 30, 2021 “Boldly Living a New Story ”

 This is the story of your life. Just keep right on knocking at the doorway of your consciousness until every “no” become a “yes”, every negation an affirmation, every fear a faith. From: This Thing Called You, Kindle addition, Chapter 6

























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