Kalispell Center for Spiritual Living 406.257.6539, Join Us for Sunday Celebration at 11:00 am @ 475 8th Avenue EN, Kalispell, MT 59901
Kalispell Center for Spiritual Living

Come Celebrate Life with us!
every Sunday:

Meditation at 10:30 am
Celebration at 11:00 am


Our Sunday Celebration Service...

.... is designed to uplift and inspire you with a quiet meditation, heart-opening music, and a message to shift your thinking, open your heart and inspire, guide and support you on your journey!

Welcome Home!

Kalispell Center for Spiritual Living

Teaching the Power Within

We are currently holding our services at our Center

as well as on Facebook Live

Join Us Sundays
Meditation at 10:30 am
Celebration at 11:00 am
475 8th Avenue East North, Kalispell, MT 59901

December  2022              

December 4, 2022                  "Belonging"
“What would happen if we could convert the energy of fear to faith, the energy of doubt and uncertainty into a feeling of belonging to the Universe and being safe in It? Would not the Original Artist Himself go forth into new creation through us?” Living the Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes, pg 163

December 11, 2022           "The Circle"

. “The manifest universe is the body of God; it is the logical and necessary outcome of the infinite self-knowingness of God….” From the CSL Declaration of Principles

December 19, 2022             "Ode to Joy"

“Safe space in spiritual community is not about eliminating discomfort – it is providing a supportive place where we can experience the inevitable discomfort of deep personal introspection and spiritual growth with support and understanding.” Jim Lockard, Creating the Beloved Community, page 95

December 24, 2021             "Follow the Star"

5:30 PM

.  “…the shepherd [is] a loving Presence, guiding, guarding and keeping. The sheep do not worry; they are not afraid, for they have a sense of being cared for, a feeling of security.”  Living the Science of Mind, page 148


December 25, 2021             "Celebration of Light"

and created form turned to the Light, and the Light of consciousness dawned. And man beheld the Light and walked in It, and the Light was All.” Ernest Holmes, Living the Science of Mind, page 147



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